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LP GO MOD GO!: Look At Me (Black) *PRE-ORDER* Ampliar

LP GO MOD GO!: Look At Me (Red)

LP GO MOD GO! - Look At Me! (180 gr)

Limited edition 200 black / 150 red.

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19,00 €

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Go Mod Go! is a project of Jake Starr (Adam West, Jake Starr and The Delicious Fullness) and Tom Barrick (Adam West) featuring a 10-piece powerhouse band with horns, keyboards, and a dynamic woman vocalist. After the band recorded their debut album “Alright!”, they went into the studio to record a few new songs with original vocalist Jamie Boyd. Jamie soon left the band and was replaced by superstar vocalist Mundy, and the band started recording their upcoming second album.

A1.- Look At Me (Barrick / Starr)
A2.- Notre Prof (La La La) (Leveel / Cris)
A3.- Underdog (Sylvester Stewart)
A4.- Send Me A Postcard (R. Van Leeuwen)
B1.- Zoot Suit (Peter Meaden)
B2.- On The Brink (Michael Vickers)
B3.- She Was Good (Wood / Cooper)
B4.- Grits Ain't Groceries (Titus Turner)

Go Mod Go! is:
Tom Barrick: drums, theremin
Pete Ostle; bass
Dominic Elliot; guitar
Wesley Kilgore; keys
Eli Gonzalez; baritone sax
Jeff Gray: tenor sax
Rick Gordon: Trumpet
Joe Jackson: Trombone
Jake Starr: Throat, maracas, tambourine
Mundy: Vocals

"Look At Me!" was recorded at American University Audio Studios
Mixed by Rogerio Naressi. Mastered by Peter Humphreys, Masterwork Recording Inc.
Music arranged by David Bandman. "Underdog" and "Grits ain't groceries" arranged by Joe Jackson.
Additional musicians on "Underdog" and "Grits Ain't Groceries": Jeff Bonk (Trombone), Dave Doescher (Tenor Sax), Rocky Parrel (Bari Sax), David Spitzberg (Percussion).
Front Model: Audrey Barrick