12" KLOBBER: Loot Ampliar

12" KLOBBER: Loot (black)

12" KLOBBER: Loot

Limited edition to 150 copies in black / 150 copies in red vinyl

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15,00 €

Klobber- Loot LP.  Klobber are a Spanish based Rock ‘n Roll band that have wasted no time in churning up another stunning album. ‘Loot’ is an explosive album that shows the band continuing their rambunctious rock ‘n roll assault. Heavy on distortion and ringing with a barely restrained melody, opening track ‘Klobber’ channels that classic Junk Records sound with its grinding guitar chords and quick-fire percussion. It’s short and explosive, a trend that perfectly describes every song on this LP. Fans of anything from the Humpers to the Dragons or the Weakling to Electric Frankenstein will be all over these guys!