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VV.AA. Stumptown Rock City. Ampliar

VV.AA. Stumptown Rock City.


Limited edition 10" vinyl
150 copies black vinyl with green sleeve (Portland Release party only)
150 copies silve vinyl with pink sleeve (GHR mailorder only)
Artwork by Mike King (www.crashamerica.com)

Songs Mastered for vinyl pressing by Ina S at El Cubo (Mendaro, Spain)  

Released 31 October 2013

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30,00 €

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A1. LOVESORES - Mission To Mars
A2. NO TOMORROW BOYS - Rock'n'Roll Uber Alles
A4. PYNNACLES - Messin' Around 

B2. NO TOMORROW BOYS - Steppin' Out
B3. SUICIDE NOTES - Johnny's Got A Gun
B4. PYNNACLES - Waiting

Portland, Oregon, in the pacific northwest of the United States of America, is known as, and known for, many things. Stumptown, for the timber industry that it was essentially built on, the Rose City, because of it’s legendary test gardens, and Doomtown, for it’s bleak weather and its effect on people’s mental states. Some even say the term “Skid Row” was coined in Portland, because of Skidmore Fountain under the Burnside Bridge, which is where the downtrodden congregate. To this day, there are still two homeless shelters within a block of it. It’s also known for the Shanghai Tunnels beneath the city leading to the Willamette River, where drunkards would be imprisoned and whisked off to sea to labor on the ships that sailed between this region and Asia. Also, for its donuts and that silly TV show. But forget all that sordid and nefarious stuff. What Portland should be known for is its thriving music scene!
Music and “the scene” in Stumptown have been around since the beginning, and it’s exploded in the last half century. There have been thousands of bands, and so it seems, as many clubs to showcase them in. Bands like the Kingsmen and Paul Revere and The Raiders playing the Chase or the Division Street Corral in the mid-60’s, the Lollipop Shoppe, The Redcoats or U.S Cadenza playing the Headless Horseman or the Crystal Ballroom (which still stands today) in the late 60’s, the Neo Boys (an all-girl band) or the Wipers playing the Earth Tavern in the late 70’s and early 80’s, the Miracle Workers and Dead Moon playing Satyricon or the Pine Street Theater in the late 80’s. Also, bands like Crackerbash, Hazel and Heatmiser playing the all-ages X-Ray Café or La Luna in the 90’s. A rich musical history, for sure – and well in to this new millennium.

Today, there are still tons of bands, and as many, if not more, places to play. People crowd places like the Tonic Lounge, Dante’s, Club 21, East End, Doug Fir Lounge, The Know, Slabtown, the World Famous Kenton Club, the Wonder Ballroom and the Crystal Ballroom (still) to hear original music being played. On any given night of the week you will see and hear bands like those showcased here on this record.

With such a long musical heritage in this city, it’s no wonder that bands embrace the history here, wearing their hearts and influences on their sleeves when they choose to, and paying tribute to local bands from long ago while also creating unique, original music of their own. That’s what this record is – a chance for you to hear four unique bands doing exactly that – playing an original song of their own, and playing a song by an influential band from Portland’s past.

The LOVESORES, featuring Scott “Deluxe” Drake (who released a 7” on Ghost Highway Recordings with The World’s Strongest Men and The Gee Strings in 2012), lay on you the high energy rock ‘n’ roll with their track “Mission To Mars”, along with the legendary track “Romeo”, from 1982, by the Wipers.

The NO TOMORROW BOYS lash out and stomp and sweat you through “Rock ‘N’ Roll Uber Alles” and their take on the classic Paul Revere and The Raiders track “Steppin’ Out”, from 1965.

The SUICIDE NOTES sweetly swoon and lay the boom on you with “Boy” and later with Dead Moon’s “Johnny’s Got A Gun” from their 1990 LP, Defiance.

And finishing things off on each side of this slab o’ wax are THE PYNNACLES, who high-step rock and soul you through their “Messin Round”, and to cap things off, the Miracle Workers “Waiting”, from 1984’s 12” EP, 1000 Micrograms of The Miracle Workers.

What you’re holding in your hands has even more worth than just the music from here stamped in to the grooves of the vinyl, too. You’ve got original artwork by the legendary Portland artist and designer, Mike “Crash” King, who’s been designing record covers, t-shirts and poster art for more than three decades, including the Wipers “Is This Real?” LP cover for Park Avenue Records in 1980.

So there you go.

Even if you never get a chance to travel to Stumptown to see and hear the bands in the clubs here, you’ll at least have this as a reminder of what’s happened, What’s Happening! And what will continue to happen once we are all long gone. But do yourself a favor and come check it out, live and in-person. You won’t regret it.

I hope you dig this. I can’t wait to play this record myself!

Jay Martin
Portland, OR, USA


¿¿¿¿¿Que esta ocurriendo en Portland (Oregón)???????, No sabemos???? Pues esta rodaja puede darnos una pequeña pista de lo que allí se cuece. Si te pregunto por alguna banda de aquella ciudad, posiblemente te llevara algunos minutos recordar alguna y no por ser precisamente desconocidas, sino por no ubicarlas en el mapa. Ghost Highway se encarga con este diez pulgadas  (limitado a 300 copias) de ponernos al día y por otro lado recordar a bandas que has escuchado en mas de una ocasión. Empecemos por los Lovesores, grupo que cada vez esta dando mas que hablar, con Scott  “Deluxe” Drake un veterano que se niega a tirar la toalla, toco las mieles del éxito cuando militaba en los Humpers, dejo en su curriculum dos álbumes en solitario y ahora con esta banda agota las ediciones de la escasa discografía de la que dispone hasta la fecha, “Mission to mars” es un disparo a bocajarro de punk rock de la vieja escuela con las guitarras dejando una estela de desolación, y recuperan toda la intensidad de Greg Sage en el tema de los Wipers  “Romeo”. Las tres bandas que completan este disco son un descubrimiento para mi, empezando por No tomorrow boys que rebuscan recuerdos en mi masa encefálica cuando se entregan a tumba abierta con ese “Rock and Roll Uber Alles” al mas puro estilo de bandas como Fells o Chinese Millionaries y que deciden versionar a una de las mas míticas bandas de los 60’s americana como fueron  Paul Revere and the Raiders y su “Steppin’ Out”. Otra sorpresa son Suicide Notes que juegan con Blondie , Sylvain Sylvain y las Donnas en ese original de titulo “Boy” y se marcan un demoledor “Johnny’s got a gun” de los Dead Moon la banda de Fred Cole y Toody que para mi es el momento mas acojonante de este disco. La banda no hace más que sacar toda la esencia de una gran canción.  Y cerrando garage punk de la mano de The Pynnacles que farfisean sin rubor  con “Messin’ around” y recuperan los primeros pasos de una de las bandas mas míticas del garage punk de los 80’s como fueron los Miracle Workers y su “Waiting”.  Un diez pulgadas que muestra una pequeña muestra  del presente y el pasado musical de un lugar llamado Portland.  (Oscarkotj-2013)